Goldie – The Journey Man Remixes

Goldie – The Journey Man Remixes

The 2017 seminal album from Goldie ‘The Journey Man’ is about to receive the remix treatment; following its release on Cooking Vinyl, both Goldie and the imprint have invited a host of artists to have their take on the third studio album from one of the greatest genre figures within dance music.

With names like Digital and Spirit leading the charge, paying homage to the late Spirit’s heritage whilst bringing Digital’s authority into the mix for ‘I Think of You’, the standards are already set in that first cut. Followed by names like Zero T, Jon Dixon, Phase, Artificial Intelligence, Mako, DieMantle, Mathew Jonson and Subjective throughout part one, they’ve managed to deliver an astounding list of names even within its opening segment. Meanwhile, part 2 draws first for the chaotic tones of Grey Code, juxtaposed by the work of Calibre, then followed by the likes of Jubei, Jon Dixon ft. Mike Banks, DieMantle, Total Science, Dom & Roland,ay Clarke and Lenzman. From beginning to end, there’s an incredible array of talent.

‘The Journey Man Remixes’ draws for artists who have made their impact on Metalheadz and those who are currently grafting their places within the wider scene, showing the influences of the label’s scope. Their take on classic tracks provide an insight into the historic rise of Metalheadz and why they’re still considered a world leader even today. And this new album serves as a reminder of the standing of both Goldie and his label, with a reel of musicality and underground notoriety which proves this project is a must have for any music fan.



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