As Ikigai‘s beat marches firmly on, we caught up with the talented producer hailing from Tokyo on his latest cut, ‘Double Kick’ – marking his third release this year. Here’s what went down:

Ikigai, welcome to I House U – how has 2019 shaped up for you?
2019 has been a wild ride. Ikigai didn’t publicly exist until this year, so it’s been a fiery one to say the least!

Your new track, ‘Double Kick’ is certainly a no holds barred floor burner – how long was it in the production process?
‘Double Kick’, from start to finish has been approximately a 4 month process. The final product is very different from what I had in my mind when I began this track. It’s evolved into something very unexpected , and it’s something I am proud of ! I hope everyone who hears it comes away with a positive vibe from it.

If you could choose one artist to remix ‘Double Kick’, who would you select?
That’s a tough one. It would depend on what kind of remix I imagine it being…

Your previous single ‘Closer’ was supported by Blasterjaxx, how did that feel?
It was a very special feeling. It’s always a pleasant surprise to receive news such as that.

If you could give a piece of advice to other aspiring producers, what would it be?
Find what makes you unique, combine all those things, and try to make a sustainable product out of it in the music industry!

Imagine you were to become stuck on a desert island, what one possession would you take with you & why?
A flare gun?…!

And last but not least, with 2020 on the horizon – what’s next for Ikigai?
To keep consistently building the Ikigai brand, releasing new and fascinating content! Stay tuned!


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