Interview Sam Skilz vs Miss MAD

Interview Sam Skilz vs Miss MAD

Luxembourg duo Sam Skilz & Miss MAD have been rocking the scene with their recent productions on Gaga Records. With their new single ‘After Life’ causing a storm at ADE this week, we thought it would be rather fun to check in with the power-couple and let them interview each other…  

Miss MAD to Sam Skilz

What would you do differently if you can restart your career from over?

I think everybody would dream to come back in time and redo things in their lives. I am not sure if this is something useful. How can we know that if we change things, only positive stuff will come out from it? I believe our past makes us who we are. The great news, however, is that our future is determined by how we act today. At the end of the day, I must be doing something right if I am still in the music business after 25 years! 🙂

What is the most comment advice you give to your students at Skilz DJ Academy?

Yeah, I always try to remind my students, especially at the end of the term, to be open to collaboration and not try to do everything by themselves. We must keep sharing experiences and knowledge. I believe, this is the best way to grow!

What made you take the decision to set up your own imprint instead on keeping signing tracks to other labels?

Yes Indeed! I have created my label GaGa Records in 2006. There is nothing better than freedom in making music. You produce what you like and you share it with people. There is always a way to license out your work if other labels like your music. On the other hand, I like releasing music from other artists that share the same spirit and vibe of the label.

All the major dance labels make parties at the ADE, why is it important to do so around the Amsterdam conference?

While there’s little doubt that ADE delivers with precision on the industry and networking side of things, it’s also important to show up for the parties, which is exactly what the lion’s share of ADE attendees are really flocking to the city for. And with 2,500+ artists in attendance for the conference, it makes total sense to throw a party while they’re there to showcase the label and its artists. Our GaGaInDaHouse official ADE Party this year at “The Tara” was really great! 

You are a very bad cook! When will you start the cooking classes?

Mmmm, I love great food. I like it even better when it’s cooked by someone else 🙂

What is your favourite possession?

My USB Key that never leaves the little pocket of my jeans.

What is your life philosophy?

Give to receive.

When was the last time that you did something good for someone else?

Just this morning!

Sam Skilz to Miss MAD

What is is your best memory since you have started your dj career?

I have a lot of great memories but the most unforgettable is my first gig! I will never forget the cocktail of emotions I had that day. Excitement, happiness, fear, passion, stress, satisfaction and more. And all in front of 800 people. After the gig, I have received many encouragements and compliments which gave me a lot of confidence for the future. And you were so proud of me in the crowd. 🙂

What is the best advice you would share with a woman that wants to start an international dj career.

I believe that it is very important to have a vision for the way we want to make our place in the music industry. Measure out that vision with your skill set, your priorities and your passion and do not let anyone minimise them! Be brave and dare for more!!!

When was the last time you committed a crime?

I definitely did many small crimes musically, but I keep the big one’s secret 🙂

What’s your poison?

Let’s put it that way, I don’t take any drugs,

What is your favourite track of the moment?

“After Life”, which we just released together 🙂

If you can choose a super power, what would be?

Read minds to avoid bad people!

What came first for you, DJing or producing music?

DJing, with first baby-steps at Skilz DJ Academy 6 years ago and producing started about 3 years later. I really enjoy both!

Why are you always MAD?

Hahaha, I’m not MAD, I am MADalina! If you see me mad is because someone annoyed me 😉 

‘After Life’ is out now on GaGa Records.



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