Interview With DeusExMaschine on His New Release ‘Better’

Interview With DeusExMaschine on His New Release ‘Better’

What is the main difference you see in the music industry from when you first got involved to now? 


In the late 90s, when I first started out in electronic music, vinyl records were the primary way to distribute music from independent labels in a niche genre, whereas today it’s all about streaming and social media – fewer trips in the car and less physical carrying of records! However, the circle has come back around, as vinyl records are now making a comeback and becoming trendy once again. 


How would you describe the way ‘French Touch’ has changed over the years? 


For me, the French Touch sound went through three distinct phases of development, starting with the pioneers like Daft Punk and Cassius who dominated the disco house sound in the late 90s. In the early 2010s, the sound became more eclectic with labels like Ed Banger and Roche Music pushing the boundaries, but the music remained largely underground even with successes from acts like Justice. It wasn’t until heavyweight hip hop artists like Black Eyed Peas or Ye started incorporating French Touch into their productions that the sound began to reach a wider audience, eventually leading to a massive push towards pop and chart-topping success with acts like DJ Snake, Daft Punk or David Guetta. I am incredibly grateful to these pioneers who came before me, as it is because of them that I feel completely uninhibited on the global stage. 


What was your main inspiration for exploring more disco influenced sounds? 


After years of producing classic French House, the lockdown gave me the time and space to step out of my comfort zone and take risks with my music production. I began experimenting with elements of Tech House and Future House, and was encouraged by seeing artists like Mercer turn these genres into festival bangers by working on sound design and song structures. This inspired me to continue down this path of exploration, and I found that incorporating these new elements into my music brought a fresh energy and excitement to my productions. 


Better is out now, how would you describe it’s sound? 


I made my new track “Better” with festival crowds in mind, focusing on a tech house sound and huge bass that’s sure to get people moving. It’s all about capturing that festival energy and creating a track that’s both powerful, original and unforgettable. 


How is this track different to other releases in the past? 


The key difference with my new track is that I was able to explore a much more aggressive and effective sound design, breaking away from the lightness of my disco-influenced beginnings. With a focus on hard-hitting beats and intense energy, this track marks a new chapter in my artistic evolution, showcasing a more dynamic and impactful sound that I’m excited to share with fans old and new. 


Did you have any particular influences for this track alone? 


I drew significant inspiration from heavyweight artists in the scene such as Matroda, Fisher, and Dom Dolla, whom I deeply appreciate, while adding my own French touch to create a unique sound. 


Who are some of your favourite producers in France at the moment? 


I’m a big fan of the Pardon My French collective featuring DJ Snake, Tchami, Mercer, and Malaa and their labels like Confession or Blackjack. I also really enjoy following Tony Romera’s label, Sans Merci. 


This is your fourth consecutive release on Serial Records, how did this relationship come about? 


Serial Records is an iconic French touch label whose releases have been incredibly influential to me, and I’m thrilled to have joined their ranks. This label holds a special place in the scene, and I feel honored to be a part of it. 


If you could play any stage/venue in the world b2b with any DJ, where would it be and who with? 


I recently discovered a Brazilian artist named Nuzb whose style reminds me a lot of my own. It’s amazing to find that kind of connection on the other side of the planet, and I would love to collaborate with him or share a stage someday. 


If you could get a vocal feature from any vocalist dead or alive, who would it be and why? 


For years, I’ve been obsessed with Karin Dreijer’s voice, from The Knife to Fever Ray and her collaborations with Röyksopp. Although she usually sings in an electro style, I dream of creating a house track with her! 


Make sure to check out DeusExMaschine’s latest hit ‘Better’ released on Serial Records via the player below!




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