junk-E-cat’s KREATUR EP is a deep journey through abandoned buildings

junk-E-cat’s KREATUR EP is a deep journey through abandoned buildings

Junk-E-Cat has been known for delivering mind blowing live sets in odd derelict locations and his sound reflects his dare devil attitude to travel. He gives new life to the experimental sound, tearing it down like one of the decrepit buildings he so enjoys, only to raise in with his soulful jazz, and construct it with mechanical beats.

The project will be imprinted under the Mutterkomplex label, who are known for releasing music with an experimental kick to it. This five track EP is a journey within sound and what can be done when in the hands of a master. The multi-instrumentalist reflects his travelled lifestyle within his music, from abandoned rooftops to snow covered mountains, this project mirrors those experiences.

With his use of the clarinet and saxophone, he creates moods of melancholy or soulfulness, and within that uses modulated and reverberated beats in order to create stunning builds and mesmerizing sounds. He couples this masterfully with his use of vocals, they add a certain bite to some tracks, an assertiveness within the sea of emotion. The polyrhythms keep the mind in flux and constantly picking up on new pleasing sounds, however, it is minimalist in nature. Each sound has its own legs to stand on and doesn’t get lost in a sea of noise. Although complex, the ear is guided to what is be the main focus in order to be piloted on this melodic voyage. Some tracks are wet and drip with sound, only to ooze synths like chrysalis’ emerging from their cocoons as butterflies. The merging of nature and machine is obviously an influence from the artists experiences, and through his music we can be taken on that journey too. This project demands attention, more so than can be put into words.

‘Kreature’ will be released May 24th via Mutterkomplex.

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