JY MNTL unleashes ‘Baggy Jeans’

JY MNTL unleashes ‘Baggy Jeans’

JY MNTL have unleashed a brand new video entitled, ‘Baggy Jeans’. This one will certainly bring the vibe as the two bring smooth vocals to a beat that is laid to perfection and if the sun’s out, even better. 

Reminiscent of one best feel-good songs of all time; ‘Lil Wayne – Mrs Officer’, we can see the duo clearly know their music and what their audience will be able to resonate with. The guitar licks courtesy of Uk Jazz guitarist Vanbrugh Hill gives us that nostalgic RnB feels that we miss from the 2000s era yet their presence has a flavour that still keeps it present and works really well for the era that we’re in now. 

The video itself is colourful, vibrant and brings the song to life even more. The boys really show off their range of different styles throughout the video, it’s a great statement to make in an industry where fashion and music go hand-in-hand. There’s a clear lane for JY MNTL to conquer with their new sound of ‘Rhythm and Trap’, especially if they continue at this pace. They’re already making quite a lot of noise through their work on socials, and with the music to back it up, they’re close to a brand that will be hard to miss.



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