KANDY flips it ‘Upside Down’ with pop-house banger!

KANDY flips it ‘Upside Down’ with pop-house banger!

After breaking into the Top 10 of the US Billboard Dance Radio Singles chart with ‘Let Me Down’ and the success of the vogue-inducing ‘Supermodel’ alongside NERVO, KANDY is back on top solo form with ‘Upside Down’.

Injecting some much needed Vitamin D into the ensuing Spring months, the house-rooted track rouses with a broad flair, finger snaps and muted beats allowing for a sensual female vocal to ooze in. A deep house bassline rumbles before a powerful breakdown erupts like a volcano fuzzing. The alluring topline explains “I love the way you make me feel / upside down/ won’t turn around”, assured to embed its way into the listeners psyche. KANDY demonstrates his impeccable skill in mixing piano, drums, horns and more to create an irresistible cocktail that works perfectly under silky vocals. By bringing pop-sensibility with one foot firmly still embedded in his electronic roots, it’s KANDY as self-assured and productively polished as we’ve ever heard.

Speaking on the track, KANDY said “’Upside Down’ was such a blast to make! It’s all about the highs and lows that balance out a relationship. Every relationship is its own roller coaster ride you get on knowing you’re in it together.”.

Make sure you get your hands on KANDY’s ‘Upside Down’ out now via Thrive Music!




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