KLNQMZK presents new remixes for “Raindrops” by Bunch of Frequencies

KLNQMZK presents new remixes for “Raindrops” by Bunch of Frequencies

The Original Mix of “Raindrops” was released on KLNQMZK back in 2016, and it’s still among the label’s top selling tracks in 2019. It is grown now to be inspiration for remixes from Rebus Project, Bunch of Frequencies himself and a label’s newcomer, Hakan Terzi aka hakan.

The EP opens with BoF’s own rework that concentrates on an original arpeggio melody, constantly building up to resolve into pouring rain of white noise.Rebus Project provides a progressive house remix with his signature percussion, a vivid image of a sudden downpour hitting a summery open-air party, where people keep on dancing wet from raindrops. Can’t wait for the summer to begin!

Hakan’s approach was to take the track apart, turn it inside-out and set it into the void of melodic minimalism. The outcome is a taste of fresh afterparty morning that is gradually brightened by the warm beams of the rising sun.




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