Manchester producer MindMassage reveals his sophomore album ‘Emotion’

Manchester producer MindMassage reveals his sophomore album ‘Emotion’

Recently sharing the infectious dance-infused singles ‘Sailing Away’ and ‘Indecisive’, Manchester producer MindMassage (Alexander Golombeck) now reveals his sophomore album ‘Emotion’, each track mindfully designed and intimately curated for a unique  listening experience.

Scored with electronic beats and meditative mantras, ‘Emotion’ guides listeners through a spiritual journey into the mind. Inherently using music to provide an outlet for people to escape the stresses of everyday life, the producer seeks to enhance the enforcement of positive thinking and mindfulness with his idiosyncratic combination of music and meditation.

Interspersed with spoken word soliloquies, the LP presents an array of kaleidoscopic electronic production. From the hedonistic house beats of ‘Sunday Morning’ to the soft pink hues of ‘Indecisive’, the LP offers a space for emotional catharsis, with the chance to explore what it means to be rooted in one’s self. Flooded with late night euphoria, the LP wishes away the grey skies as the evening blurs and shifts under the pulsing club lights.

On the album, MindMassage explains: “I used to listen to a lot of soundtracks when I was younger and I was attracted to the variety. I think this album is like a soundtrack – its a journey through ideas, feelings and genres”.

Alongside his mindful music, MindMassage is soon to be a guided meditation app, combining hypnotherapy and cognitive behavioural therapy to help people take control of their thoughts and behaviours.

Aiming to provide an outlet to relieve the stress and anxieties of everyday life, MindMassage is positioning himself as a truly unique artist.



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