MEET GLORIA: Dystopian, tripped-out electronic mixed with RnB

MEET GLORIA: Dystopian, tripped-out electronic mixed with RnB

Brave and bold are two words that you could use to describe GLORIA. Crafting an other-worldly, avant-garde blend of electronica, RnB and pop, her creations defy traditional boundaries and cross in to the other realm. This outsider is ready to present her first full body of art; ‘TESTIFY;’ an open letter from the artist baring all. TESTIFY is released on September 25th through GAIKA’sTHE SPECTACULAR EMPIRE’ label; a testimony of dystopian glory telling a story of new beginnings, shedding skin and empowerment.

As part of the release, the outsider artist has created short film ‘TESTIFY’ to accompany the release. In her words : 
A surrealist short film suspending the viewer between reality and fantasy to tell the story of our ever virtual world. In a time lived predominantly online our real worlds are becoming increasingly abstract, we crave “human” affection whilst stuck in our self created purgatory. In this film, like a revolving door, a series of individuals from past, present, and future appear to trigger a cyclone of emotions from within.

GLORIA’s church upbringing has a heavy influence in her music and this can be heard across the 5 EP tracks; traditional sequences layered with vocals meeting a PUNK-ass attitude to production. As an artist operating with both visuals and sonics, there’s a surrealist short film to accompany; a piece that transcends the voyeuristic viewer from reality to fantasy to tell the story of our ever-evolving virtual reality.

Working with with GAIKA and his dystopian gang, GLORIA has found her perfect home on his  revered ‘THE SPECTACULAR EMPIRE’ label. Never afraid to push the boundaries, GLORIA truly finds her own voice here, striking harmonies, strong aesthetics and entrancing melodies. With performances at Glastonury,  support slots for Mykki Blanco, GAIKA, Flohio and Kojey Radical already locked down, it’s a bright year for this superstar in the making.


– Flohio Curates: Emerging Festival X Livity – 27th September – TICKETS : here
– GLORIA – Headline gig – 24th October – TICKETS : here
– Fifty-Five Lab Festival – Brussels – 8th November – link here 



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