Nova Miller Delivers Exciting New EP ‘The Passion’

Nova Miller Delivers Exciting New EP ‘The Passion’

Viral pop powerhouse has come through with her exciting new EP ‘The Passion’.

Nova’s unparalleled 5-octave vocals shine on this dynamic project, featuring 8 brilliant pop anthems. With this new EP, Nova proves herself to be a force in pop music with this varied selection of songs that fans will be able to dance to, blast at a party, or get in their feels to. Nova’s intoxicating sound and infectious personality are undeniable on The Passion. Her message of self-love and girl power are prevalent with every track whether it’s dance party bop “Here with Me” , or low-tempo track “Cry Baby Cry”. With The Passion, fans will be re-introduced to Nova and will be transported into the Swedish singer’s pop dreamworld.
I found my passion so early in my life, I just knew music was my purpose. I could feel it. Music is where all my drive comes from, it makes me work hard, it makes me wanna improve, it pushes me, it makes me who I am. I wanted to put that into this EP! Passion isn’t always just love for someone else. I have passion for my vocals, my love for myself, my fans, my work. This is a fun, fruity, loving, warm, upbeat, sweet, and confident project. This is The Passion! — Nova Miller on The Passion

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