Oliver & Tom release their debut ‘Penny’ EP for Tripswitch’s onedotsixtwo label

Oliver & Tom release their debut ‘Penny’ EP for Tripswitch’s onedotsixtwo label

Onedotsixtwo continues to showcase the finest rising global talent in 2020 by welcoming those Argentine masters of groove and emotion, Oliver & Tom back to the label for their debut ‘Penny’ EP release, having previously been introduced to the onedotsixtwo audience via their contribution to Gustin’s excellent ‘Synchronicity’ (ODST0019) mix comp. Another super-talented Argentine DJ/Producer, Nico Szabo, provides an excellent remix of ‘Penny’ to complete this outstanding package.

The title track is a pulsating beauty, its futuristic melodic mastery conjuring up images of an electronic past signposted by the likes of Giorgio Moroder and Kraftwerk, which Oliver & Tom then uniquely re-imagine for the future in a proper progressive musical framework. The duo’s skilled musicianship sets them apart from the crowd, a symbiosis that originated in their childhood, having grown up together playing guitar and drums, followed by studying piano and synthesizer.

Their highly impressive musical and studio skills first caught the attention of Nick Warren’s The Soundgarden in 2017 and their career trajectory has continued upwards ever since. Already busy through 2020, their releases have previously appeared on Tarnished Tracks, Balkan Connection, Vested Recordings and Massive Harmony. But, never ones to rest on their creative laurels, it is ‘Penny’ along with the perfectly complimentary, heavenly melodic wonderment of ‘Till Sunrise’that are perhaps their finest works yet.

Nico Szabo is another prodigious young talent emanating from Buenos Aires whose ever-growing array of remixes, on the likes of Clinique, 3rd Avenue and Balkan Connection, have been turning heads already throughout the first half of 2020. Another talented musician, having studied guitar and electric bass from the age of 12, Nico’s studio skills are now focused on producing the finest proper progressive house music. Here he takes ‘Penny’ on a deeper journey, sprinkling his arrangement with beautiful melodies and locking everything down to perfection with a super-tight groove.

Bandcamp: https://onedotsixtwo.bandcamp.com

Beatport: https://www.beatport.com/label/onedotsixtwo/62965

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/7KYcPhkt1YwtiNklyKZJz0




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