Polish D&B favourite Satl drops diverse new EP ‘Things We Can’t See’

Polish D&B favourite Satl drops diverse new EP ‘Things We Can’t See’

Polish producer Satl has delivered a statement of intent on new EP ‘Things We Can’t See’, out 15th November via boutique Amsterdam label The North Quarter.

Cultivating an intelligent, refined D&B sound, the nine-track project draws from a varied palette of influences, including jazz, R&B and dub techno. The Rotterdam-based resident possesses a refinement and depth beyond his years, making him one of the leading lights in a new generation of D&B producers. ‘Things We Can’t See’ is a coming-of-age offering destined to propel him to new lights.

“‘Things We Can’t See’ is a very important project to me on personal, emotional and artistic levels,” Satl explains. “It’s been in the works for quite a while and I think it’s really good representation of how my sound has matured in that process. This EP is in my honest opinion the best piece of music I have written to date.”

Still in his early 20s, Satl began producing over a decade ago, blending a host of influences to craft a signature sound best described as hazy cosmic soul with powerful rolling drums. Never satisfied and driven to excel at his craft, the young producer is highly prolific, often writing dozens of tracks per month. His previous releases have found a home on the likes of Shogun Audio, Fokuz Recordings and Integral Records.

A diverse, impressive project, ‘Things We Can’t See’ sees Satl weave an array of different styles and genres into his D&B web. With work on a follow up already underway, this is just the beginning of his relationship with The North Quarter.

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