PRVTE unveils brand new R&B track ‘PimpJuice’

PRVTE unveils brand new R&B track ‘PimpJuice’

PRVTE returns with a brand new track ‘Pimpjuice’. PRVTE’s silky hoarse vocals and deep lyrics tell the story of distractions he deals with while trying to build a powerful love with a significant other. PIMPJUICE’s relatable honest lyrics remind listeners of everyday temptation they may face but reminds us to remain strong-minded and focus on the end goal. The smooth tenuous baseline lures listeners in; PRVTE creates a dream-like vibe with the track’s distorted peaceful sound effects.

When speaking about PRVTE, he states, In PIMPJUICE I talk about all the distractions I deal with while trying to manifest my ‘power-couple’ like a relationship.

Listen to the full track below:



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