Psychopath-Pop from UK singer-songwriter Laura Greaves

Psychopath-Pop from UK singer-songwriter Laura Greaves

As a lover of pop music, I can admit to myself that currently trending songs are a bit saturated with bright, euphoric songs. That is not necessarily a bad thing, but I certainly wish there was a bit more variety as far as the range of content is concerned. Songs with a bit more edge are definitely lacking. Enter Laura Greaves. Her dark twist on pop/EDM is just the kind of splash of cold water that the popular music scene needs to wake it back up.

“Psychopath,” which is the highlight track off of her fine-tuned EP “Into The Dark,” is a perfect example of the kind of edgy pop that I have so desperately missed. With a tremendous beat, delightfully icy vocals, and horror themed lyrics, “Psychopath” soars to fantastic heights (or descends to tremendous depths, if you prefer). The track is catchy to its core and leaves a fun and lasting chill. It is, however, just one great example out of many that showcases Laura Greaves’ talents on this flawless EP.

This fresh face in pop music will be a welcome addition alongside my other edgy pop princess favorites such as Tove Lo and Kim Petras. I think they will get along quite well on my list of regularly played tracks. “Psychopath” is very deserving of its place in that list.

Watch the music video for ‘Psychopath’ right here:





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