Sakura C.Beats Ft. YOASOBI’s ‘Monster’ (Tokyo Machine Remix)

Sakura C.Beats Ft. YOASOBI’s ‘Monster’ (Tokyo Machine Remix)

The ‘Sakura Chill Beats’ YouTube channel is back yet again with another hard-hitting remix via SONY Music Japan, this time around featuring the opening theme to the second season of Netflix anime series Beastars. Out now, enigmatic producer Tokyo Machine’s new take on YOASOBI’s ‘Monster’ directly follows up RetroVision’s rework of the peggies’ ‘Ashiato -Footprints-’, in addition to several others by SlushiiCorsak, and James Landino. Maintaining the streak of anime-centric official remixes, the latest follows up reimagined themes from hit series such as My Hero AcademiaNaruto: Shippuden, and Boruto – Naruto Next Generations.


Much of the source material’s upbeat, lively flair is maintained with ease throughout the entirety of Tokyo Machine’s remix, further accentuating the flowing vocal audibly rife with a fervent passion. The subdued energy present in the original track is instead opted for a more high-octane approach in its rework counterpart, prominently featuring propulsively rolling basslines, a refreshing new tone, and a palpably raw sonic intensity that is quite unmatched from start-to-finish. The eventual hefty bass drops are paired flawlessly alongside glitchy, 8bit-esque sound effects and shimmering production elements, lending it an overall sprightly ambiance that serves as a perfect remix to one of the most popular anime themes within the last several years.



ABOUT TOKYO MACHINE — Emerging onto the scene in 2016 with bass house hit ‘PARTY’, Tokyo Machine has steadily made a name for himself with time. Since his debut show at EDC Las Vegas the following year he has cultivated a massive following, now commanding over 699k monthly Spotify listeners. Over time, the trailblazing Monstercat mainstay has experienced great success with video game and anime-inspired singles such as ‘BLAST’, ‘HYPE’, and ‘BUBBLES’. The DJ/producer has also garnered staunch support from the likes of Laidback LukeMartin GarrixOliver Heldens, and Timmy Trumpet, in addition to a collaborative endeavor with SLUSHII via their single ‘BEWM’. His remix of YOASOBI’s ‘Monster’ directly follows his May 4th-released Star Wars cover with Saxsquatch, ‘CANTINA’.


“Being the first artist to remix a YOASOBI record is an honor, their track ‘Monster’ was incredible to work on, these guys have a beautiful vision from both an artistic and musical standpoint and I’m grateful to give it the Toki-spin.” – Tokyo Machine


ABOUT YOASOBI — YOASOBI is a burgeoning J-pop duo consisting of members Ayase, renowned Vocaloid producer, and Lilas Ikuta, esteemed singer/songwriter. Known for breakout hits such as Hatsune Miku, the voice synthesizer giant Vocaloid has seen immense success over the years as of recent, and Ayase continues this winning streak courtesy of his skilled mastery with the innovative software. Debuting in late 2019 with ‘夜に駆ける’, the group has continued to maintain their upwards trajectory with their debut 2021 EP the following month, ‘The Book’, in addition to recent hit single ‘三原色’ from earlier this year. Their involvement with the Beastars anime sees their song ‘Monster’ featured as the show’s second season opening theme. A prime tune for the show, it sonically brings to life the story in which anthropomorphic animals live within a divided setting, with carnivores viciously pitted against herbivores.


ABOUT SAKURA CHILL BEATS — SONY Music Japan’s ‘Sakura Chill Beats’ YouTube channel is the newly-launched main source for official anime theme songs from some of the biggest names in electronic dance music currently. The newly rebranded channel launched on Saturday, June 19th with Retrovision’s remix, and perfectly coincided with the Japanese broadcast of hit anime series My Hero Academia, a groundbreaking show now in its fifth season that chronicles the life of a superhero, Deku, as he consistently faces conflicts with fellow classmates at U.A. High School.


The first of its kind to officially upload remixes from artists such as this, it joins the ranks of fellow channels such as Trap Nation and MrSuicideSheep, both of which also feature EDM-related content alongside imagery from popular anime series. The channel has already featured Slushii’s remix of Cö Shu Nie’s ‘Give It Back’, the second ending theme to Jujutsu Kaisen, earlier in the year, and has its sights set on continuing this streak of officially-remixed anime opening and ending theme songs from renowned EDM titans.


The story of Sakura Chill Beats begins with a young girl, traversing her way through her anime world in search of friends. Humans can no longer inhabit the earth due to a handful of natural and man-made disasters, so she is now left behind wandering aimlessly before realizing she is alone. Upon finding a unique Sakura tree, several cherry blossom petals begin falling to the ground, giving her the utmost courage to face her journey as we collectively watch over her future.







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