Sarita Lozano releases striking new single ‘Purge’

Sarita Lozano releases striking new single ‘Purge’

London-based singer songwriter, producer and engineer Sarita Lozano is a true gem worth keeping your eye on.

Her new single ‘Purge’ is an ode to female empowerment, and her experiences as a survivor, which many will be able to relate to. Opting for a dark, edgy, and eerie soundscape, it commands attention from the beginning with it’s grime-like instrumental that is richly textured, with sprightly synth patterns, making the perfect backdrop for Sarita’s fiery delivery of thought-provoking lyrics, that invite listeners to get more acquainted with her as she embarks on her journey of healing.

Sharing her thoughts on the single, Sarita explains, “Purge is an honest account of some of the experiences that have shaped my life at first for worse and now for better. I used to be ashamed of what I lived because I blamed myself. I wasn’t honest with myself and so I kept living loops of negativity, running to heal other people’s pain because I didn’t want to deal with my own. I wasn’t self-aware and I didn’t accept it.”

A huge advocate in feminism, Sarita elaborates on the message of the single, “I wrote Purge to set myself free and throw shade back at those it belongs to. I am not a victim. I am more than my experiences and more than my traumas. I want to promote realness through self-awareness and acceptance to save other people that like me have run from their pain because the same things that once made me feel I didn’t want to be alive, now motivate me to achieve greatness.”

Enjoy ‘Purge’ below.



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