SPLENDORE delivers new single ‘There’s nothing of you anymore’

SPLENDORE delivers new single ‘There’s nothing of you anymore’

With his highly-anticipated new EP ‘OMG, am I really feeling these feelings I’m feeling right now?’ set to land in the near future, Italian DJ and producer SPLENDORE has now returned to share his latest effort ‘There’s nothing of you anymore’.

With clear nods to the PC Music sound, ‘There’s nothing of you anymore’ makes for a bold and frenzied return for the young producer. Glitchy, euphoric and all round anthemic, this new release follows in the glittering footsteps of his previously shared single ‘Come Online’, which received huge support from Wonderland and Rolling Stone.

Adding about the track, he said, “I can explain it with a quote from I’m thinking of ending things, a novel by Iain reid: ‘What can we do when there’s no one else? When we’ve tried to sustain fully on our own? What do we do when we’re always alone? When there’s no one else, ever? What does life mean then? Does it mean anything? What is a day then? A week? A year? A lifetime? What is a lifetime?’”

Listen to ‘There’s nothing of you anymore’ below.



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