Synchronicity – compiled and mixed by Gustin

Synchronicity – compiled and mixed by Gustin

‘Synchronicity’ is a bold and dynamic compilation of exclusive and previously unreleased tracks from friends of Tripswitch’s flourishing onedotsixtwo label. Featuring exciting new and upcoming talent alongside some well established names, the album has been compiled and mixed by Gustin – a vital member of the onedotsixtwo A&R and management team, and a highly-respected veteran DJ and selector with over 25 years experience playing across the globe.

Following on from Tripswitch’s 2017 label launching mix compilation ‘In At The Deep End’ (ODST0001), the time is now perfect for a second V/A release. With so much amazing talent to work with, Gustin has utilised his immense experience to source an exceptional collection of tracks from around the world, including uniquely creative production talent from Argentina, India, Belarus, Estonia, USA and UK.

Having spent the past year curating exclusive tracks for ‘Synchronicity’, Gustin finally settled down in the studio to create his stunning DJ mix, a creative process exhibiting perfect selection and timing to build a musical experience that embodies depth, colour and texture, wrapped with contemplation, hypnotic beauty, energy and euphoria.

From Brandon Lee’s opening ‘Free Minds’, a beautifully subdued groover of a track with an enticing snake-charming flute melody, Bangalore-based Weird Sounding Dude’s ‘Hugel’ eases gently into the mix with it’s soaring vocal interludes and euphoric keys. The Argentine duo, Oliver & Tom, have been in high demand recently with releases on some key labels, and its not hard to understand why as ‘True Level’ picks up the pace perfectly with its sparkling production, sublime melodies and infectious groove.

Fellow Argentine producer, Gabriel Amato, further stokes the fire and moves the mix direction towards peak time progressive territory with ‘Starship’, its rolling bassline, hypnotic soaring lead and expertly crafted FX building to an epic breakdown par excellence. Continuing to build the energy levels, the high-flying percussive beauty of ‘Gaspra’, courtesy of the collaborative pairing of New York’s Dysco with Argentina’s Juan Ibanez, meets Michael A’s tantalizing ‘See Yourself’, and the Belarusian electronic artist’s masterful, distinctive melodic atmospherics are always a joy to behold.

The spiky, scene setting, contemplative flow of ‘Cloud Atlas’ from Estonian born and Texas based producer Kaspar Tasane is perfectly placed to introduce Rodrigo Deem’s pumped-up ‘Panorama’, before another super-talented Argentine producer, the inimitable Partenaire, makes a welcome return to onedotsixtwo with his latest exquisite masterpiece, ‘The Warmth’.

We stay in that creative hotbed country as Berni Turletti & Agustin Lupidi combine to create ‘Suyai’, a soaring symphony of synth magnificence that builds towards the album’s peak. The ascent is dramatically furthered courtesy of VINU, a multi-cultural, classically trained violinist and multi-instrumentalist residing in West Palm Beach, Florida, whose penultimate, breath-taking ‘Melodic Sunrise’ masterpiece cruises into the album’s spine-tingling finale, ‘Alive’, a heart-wrenchingly beautiful creation courtesy of Martin Gardoqui, Matias Larrosa and Mario Puccio.

Various Artists                                                                                                                                                         Synchronicity – compiled and mixed by Gustin

  1. Brandon Lee – Free Minds
  2. Weird Sounding Dude – Hugel
  3. Oliver & Tom – True Level
  4. Gabriel Amato – Starship
  5. Dysco, Juan Ibanez – Gaspra
  6. Michael A – See Yourself
  7. Kaspar Tasane – Cloud Atlas
  8. Rodrigo Deem – Panorama
  9. Partenaire – The Warmth
  10. Berni Turletti, Agustin Lupidi – Suyai
  11. VINU – Melodic Sunrise
  12. Martin Gardoqui, Matias Larrosa, Mario Puccio – Alive

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