The New Ancient Disco Slot Adds Music to Bingo Slots

The New Ancient Disco Slot Adds Music to Bingo Slots

Music and bingo are two aspects of life that don’t often come together, but the recent release of an online slot with an intriguing musical theme has given us a chance to see how they combine. What is this game about and how big a role does music play in it?

All About Ancient Disco

The Ancient Disco slot was created by Red Tiger gaming and we can find it on the slots at Paddy Power Bingo, where a variety of slots have been added to the different bingo games available. At the time of writing, it’s listed in the new slots category, alongside other new games based on diverse themes.

What makes Ancient Disco stand out is that the creators have taken the Ancient Egypt theme that is already extremely popular in slots and added a 70s disco theme to it, fitting this description from Britannica. This can be seen in the symbols such as the Sphinx with cool sunglasses on and scarabs with glittering disco balls under them, giving a unique look that makes it stand out from the crowd.

The music adds to the atmosphere without being particularly memorable, but it’s fair to say that the Ancient Disco scatters are the most important part of the gameplay. That’s because they trigger the free spins round and also help the player to climb a prize ladder when multiple symbols of this type land. Apart from that, it’s a fairly standard slot with the sort of gameplay you’ll have seen if you’ve ever played any other games of this sort.

Other Slots Based on a Musical Theme

This is just the latest example of how music has been added to slot games, both on bingo sites and in online casinos. Rock ‘N’ Lock is another game to dip into the musical world, and it was brought out in 2022 by Red Tiger. Based on a retro look and set outside a Los Angeles record label, it features a bonus round where the player needs to collect gold records.

Reggae rhythm takes the idea in a completely different direction by featuring a light-hearted Caribbean theme, with this musical style originating in Jamaica according to Palms resort. where a set of diverse musical instruments are among the most important symbols that appear on the reels to make winning combinations. Fast and simple gameplay keeps the action bouncing along in front of a beach setting.

Other musical slots have been created by NetEnt, who have created games based on artists such as Jimi Hendrix and Guns N’ Roses. Slots featuring Kiss and Alice Copper have also been released as a way of attracting rock fans to these games. Yet, it seems that the theme still has plenty of potential to be explored. Given the popularity of bingo slots and music, this is a crossover that should appeal to plenty of players.

We can expect to see more music-themed bingo slots appear over time, with Ancient Disco and the other examples we’ve looked at giving an idea of how this genre could progress based on different aspects of music.

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