TR20 - Three Strangers


TR20 - Three Strangers

Early support from Sasha Carasi, Danny Tenaglia, D-Nox, Gia Barone, Nicolas Masseyeff, Third Son, Jamie Stevens, Hasan Mogol, Alies For Everyone, Marc DePulse

In a not so distant future, all hope seems lost. Planet Earth has become uninhabitable. Toxic waste and general neglect is the only ruler of a once lush landscape, now a barren, dark place filled with the sins of mankind.

No sound escapes the upper boundary of the wasteland formerly known as Earth. But in space… all kinds of sounds have evolved… Cyborg-like metal clankings, interstellar callings and nebular collisions all find their way to meet. TR20 is born. An out-of-this-world experience of sound and space. A new journey begins.

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