Top 10 Selector: Jonny Koch & Annie Sollange’s Video Valentines’

Top 10 Selector: Jonny Koch & Annie Sollange’s Video Valentines’

Singer/songwriters Jonny Koch and Annie Sollange recently joined forces to explore the dark side of romance on ‘Love Me’, their first single for hot UK label NCS (aka No Copyright Sounds; discoverers of worldwide sensations Alan Walker and Sub Urban).

Just in time for Valentines’ Day, we thought what better way to get the pair to celebrate their release on the UK’s third biggest YouTube channel (that’s NCS btw!) than by picking their ultimate Top 10 music videos. Take a look and turn the heat up on the world’s most romantic 24 hours…


Jonny’s picks:


Coldplay – Hurts Like Heaven 

This song title is so perfect.  Sometimes it hurts to be vulnerable and as Fergie once wisely said, “love is pain”.  Just like you, I have no idea what most of the lyrics in this song mean but it’s such a vibe!  I hear confusion in the verses and soaring bliss in the hooks…sounds like love to me.”


The Beach Boys – Wouldn’t It Be Nice

The Beach Boys are an early inspiration of mine and spurred my love of harmony.  This song reminds me of high school romance, being forced to hangout in my car with love interests and just thinking “wouldn’t it be nice if we were older”?”


10cc – The Things We Do For Love

My relationships have never been just good or bad.  Sometimes it’s bliss and sometimes it feels like I’m trudging through rain and snow just to make it work, but those are the things we do for love.


Dua Lipa – New Rules

This song was an instant classic.  “And If you’re under him, you ain’t getting over him”.  So true, for guys too.  Why is it so much easier to get back into a bad relationship than find a new good one?


BTS – Make it Right

The version with Lauv is good, but the original is better.   The falsetto in this song is so killer wtf!  BTS is basically saying “Hey, I can love you better… I can really do this!”  It reminds me of situations where I’ve had to convince my girl that I can do better and that I really want to.  Go give your girlfriend a hug, we can all do better!


Annie’s picks:


Disclosure – Latch feat. Sam Smith

This is song is so beautiful and as captivating as love itself. It drives me crazy just like Love. I’m always head over heels in love when I do fall in love and I really relate to the lyrics Sam is singing.  Also the chorus is so emotional, just a perfect contrast with the verse.”


Rihanna – California King Bed

Mmm, this song is very romantic, but sad as well. Very controversial feeling. I guess I like that. It’s a Pisces thing… I remember feeling similar in my past relationships, when I was so in love but it seemed like we were just too different. Together but at the same time miles apart.


Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper – Shallow

I had to…. ha. This song is just so beautiful and powerful. That movie inspired me incredibly. I would love to have love just like in that movie. Nothing less. Also this love story involves a music journey to stardom and it resonates with me so much. I wrote all my best songs pretty much inspired by the feeling of being in love. Every boyfriend automatically becomes a muse.


Beyoncé – Crazy In Love ft. JAY Z

So I’m featuring this one because I can totally see myself giving a Valentine’s dance to my loved one as we are listening to this. Also Beyonce and Jay Z are such a power couple and I look up to them. Let’s gooooo B


Justin Bieber – Yummy

Oh well Justin… I think this song is so sexy and makes me think about the passion you have when you first fall in love with someone and you can’t get over how good they look. Yummy…. Justin said it best



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