Luke DB & Benny Camaro - Night Train


Luke DB & Benny Camaro - Night Train

Released on the 10th of September 2015, ‘Night Train’ is the result of a heavyweight collaboration between two Italian production wizards: Luke DB and Benny Camaro. Having already worked together on previous occasions, the duo has teamed up once again to offer a remarkable late summer banger.

Benny Camaro is certainly not a new name within the Dance music panorama, having been responsible for top-notch releases such as: ‘Crack It Out’, ‘Uh Yeah’, ‘Follow Me To Paradise’, ‘In that Mood Remix’ and ‘All In My Mind Remix’ to name a few, aside from keeping himself busy with touring and his new ‘Hot Wheels’ radio show. His industrious work ethic in the studio has also landed him multiple deals with renowned labels like: Jango Music, Casa Rossa, IRMA Records, Kluster Records, 5howtime Records, Cablage Records, Paper Airplane Records, Tiger Records, Tactical Records, Big Mama House Records, Secundo Records, Bounce Recordings, Dubphonedzie Records, Jungle Tekk Recordings, Data Tech Records and Musica e Parole amongst others.

On the other hand up-and-coming talent Luke DB comes in to add more weight to this stellar project. A highly in-demand DJ, Luke DB could be seen warming crowds at some of the best clubs in Italy, whilst also being an established name within the radio scene. Luke DB is also known for his production mastery, which has attracted the interest of reputable imprints like: Armada Music, Italian Way Music, Go Deeva Light, Perfekt Records, Soundrise Records, Linda Records, Mama Look, Arva, Only The Best Records, Ipnotika, Passion Night Records, Sonorika Records and many more.

Starting off with an infectious, groovy loop and mesmerising drum beat, ‘Night Train’ sets the mood for what’s to come. Subby bass-lines are then placed in the spotlight before the track transcends into a deep tract. A short breakdown strips energy levels away, whilst then intensifying the main section, adding a wide array of effects to spice things up. A sudden halt showcases a Techy breakdown, later heading the single towards a powerful chorus, characterised by exotic percussive rhythms and exhilarating grooves before leading into a mellower conga-let part. Luke DB and Benny Camaro then unleash a final catchy chorus which leads the production towards a stylish conclusion.

Luke DB and Benny Camaro’s freshest single ‘Night Train’ is now part of Jungle Tekk Recordings’ growing catalogue. Owned and managed by Jerome Robins and Deko-ze, the Toronto based label is part of the Jungle Funk Recordings family and is widely regarded as one of Canada’s prime electronic music brands. Luke DB and Benny Camaro will certainly be enriching Jungle Tekk’s developing roster, alongside other important names like: Stanny Abram, Canard, Joee Cons, Jerome Robins, Gussy, Dead Space and Eddie Santini amongst others.

Luke DB & Benny Camaro - Night Train

February for Egg London kicks off in a big way with Night Train welcoming two house music giants Frankie Knuckles and Lee Foss playing extended sets.

Frankie Knuckles is one of those undisputed legends of house music that rarely plays. From back in the day on Chicago’s South Side, where it all started over 30 years ago to the present day, ‘The Godfather of House’ Frankie has long pioneered the definition of true house music. 2013 was the year the big man returned, and in 2014, we’ve got him for a massive 4-hr set.

Having absolutely smashed a sold out club last time he showed his face, Lee Foss will once again be rocking the decks at Egg London. As Hot Creations boss, the records that pass Foss’s ears are without a doubt some of the best in the business. Having pretty much reinvent dance music for a modern UK audience, first with a pounding solo career and secondly with the highly-in-demand Hot Natured – he’ll be setting alight the middle floor with a 3-hr set on the 8th. Alongside Jamie Jones and Infinity Ink, as Hot Natured, Lee Foss, hit the UK charts in 2012 with the acclaimed ‘Benediction’. Having hained a wider audience with remixes for Rudimental and Lana Del Rey, he still remains forever in the underground.

Night Train is headed up by DJ/Producer Jim Warboy, who has been responsible for developing the Heroes parties at Egg London over the past two years. He has a history of promoting fashionable, underground parties around East London and has been part of the team responsible for developing a new direction at Egg London.

We guarantee this one will sell out, so get your tickets quick, or prepare yourself for a deep sense of regret.

Frankie Knuckles: Honoured in Chicago for his contributions to music to his adopted home with a street named ‘Frankie Knuckles Way’ established on ‘Frankie Knuckles Day’ August 26th, 2004, Frankie Knuckles is one of House Music’s true living legends, who’s also rubbed shoulders with US President Barack Obama. His numerous accomplishments as a DJ, artist and remixer over the last 30+ years include being the first House Music artist to win a Grammy Award for ‘Remixer of the Year’, creating the legendary ‘Tears’ anthem with Robert Owens and Satoshi Tomeii, remixing the classic ‘Where Love Lives’ and being resident DJ at Chicago’s The Warehouse club, which spawned the name ‘house’ music.

One of the pivotal partners in NYC’s Def Mix Productions alongside David Morales, Frankie Knuckles has led the way for DJ/Producers in House Music with a Who’s Who list of incredible remixes including classics for Mary J Blige, Michael Jackson, and most recently Depeche Mode’s ‘Wrong’ and Hercules & The Love Affairs ‘Blind’, with his partner Eric Kupper as the production duo, Directors Cut. His own instrumental anthem ‘The Whistle Song’ from his first album, ‘Beyond The Mix’ was No 1 on the Billboard Dance chart and Top 5 on the UK National Chart, spawning his long-term residency at NYC’s Sound Factory Bar, which have all contributed to Frankie playing at the top of his game.

Frankie’s most recently added his magic touch to the chart-topping ‘In It Together’ by Human Life (Defected) as well as remixing Art Department, Kathy Brown and the future classic ‘Let’s Stay Home’ by Inaya Day. He also lends his services to Meals on Wheels, GMHC, Pediatric AIDS, and the Harvey Milk School.